While we prefer to keep our birds healthy through nutrition & proper husbandry, there are indeed times when we may need medications in a hurry. Birds will often hide their illness until it is almost too late to save them. If not prescribed by your Veterinarian, most bird medications must be purchased from an online source. Shipping can take days, even when we pay for expedited shipping. Because time is of the essence, keeping a few items on hand for "just in case emergencies" is always helpful. In our aviary, we rarely need the brief list below, and more often than not end up disposing of them unopened because they have expired, but it is far better to have these things on hand than to lose one of our precious birds!

 - Electrolyte Solution & Emergency Formulas for Crop Dosing:

  • Dr. Rob Marshall’s QuikGel (Sugar FREE) & NV Powder (Sugar Based) – electrolytes
  • Dr. Rob Marshall’s ER Formula - in case of dehydration and/or starvation - to be crop dosed/syringe fed

Antibiotics: Sensitivity testing should be run BEFORE using any antibiotic

  • Trimethoprim/Sulfa - for E.coli, Coccidia, and Salmonella and other susceptible organisms - this is NOT a broad spectrum medication and does NOT cover "more" bacterial issues as some internet "group" owners are claiming. While this medication "may" cover other susceptible issues, it is best to have antibiotic sensitivity testing run before using for other bacteria to be certain it will actually work.
  • Amoxitex - Broad spectrum antibiotic to cover a wide range of bacterial infections (Amoxicillin & Tylosin). Widely used but beginning to show signs of resistance in some bacterial infections. Your Veterinarian may prescribe something different should this prove ineffective.
  • Doxycycline - for Ornithosis (Chlamydia), Giardia, and other susceptible organisms - we do not recommend this as the first medication for Giardia. It is very harsh on the system, as are most of the ~cyclines.
  • Erythromycin - for Campylobacter and other susceptible organisms
  • Furaltadone – treatment of non-Chlamydial intestinal and upper respiratory bacterial infections, E.coli & Salmonella (Paratyphoid)
  • Neosporin or some other triple antibiotic CREAM - EXTERNAL USE ONLY
  • Colloidal Silver – eye infections, wound washing, immune support, and a multitude of other issues
  • MLFAS, Inc. Detox & Immune Support – antibacterial, antimicrobic properties & immune support


  • Medistatin or Nystatin - for Candida (yeast) - not all yeast infections are treated effectively with this product. The medication must make contact with the organism to work.
  • Lotrimin or some other CREAM (typically made for athlete’s foot) for fungal conditions of the skin - EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!!

Parasites (always alternate to prevent parasite resistance):


  • Disinfectant and Virucide such as Virkon S, Dr. Rob Marshall's KD Cleanser or Pet Focus
  • Blood Stop & Parasite Control - (DE) fastest blood stopping agent on the face of the earth, also useful as an external & seed parasite deterrent when dusted in nests,  around the aviary, and on the seed.

Other Items That May Be Prescribed By Your Avian Veterinarian


The INCOMPLETE list of medications (bottom) is compiled from various sources and is only provided to give an idea of what your Avian Veterinarian may prescribe if your bird is diagnosed with a specific disease or issue.  This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it intended to be used for anything more than reference.

I must remind all who read here - I am NOT an Avian Veterinarian, and I do NOT condone using medications without a sound diagnosis from an Avian Veterinarian - nor do I claim these remedies to be what your Vet will prescribe.  As is often the case, many diseases present with very similar symptoms and require sound Veterinary advice before treatment.  In addition, we do NOT condone nor recommend combining medications without the direction of your Veterinarian.

As always, if you suspect your bird is ill, take it to a qualified Avian Veterinarian for diagnosis BEFORE administering any kind of medication!

The wrong medication can make matters worse or even kill your bird.

I cannot and will not be held responsible for misdiagnoses, misuse of medication, or death of a bird resulting from the use of this list or diagnostic information found on this site. Use this information at your own risk!


Medication or Treatment

Trade Name or Active Ingredient

Typical Symptoms

Protozoal infection - Giardia, Trichomonas, Hexamita & other less likely "motile flagellates"
Ronidazole, Dimetridazole, Doxycycline (Giardia only)

Ronex, Ronex Extra Strength, Ronivet-S, Ronivet 12%, Canker Combo, Doxycycline products (Giardia only)

Varied: Excessive thirst, "lumpy" droppings with creamy urates & excess urine, grey droppings coated in white urates, wet grainy dark droppings, "popcorn poop", weight loss or "going light", fluffing, sitting in food dish appearing to eat constantly but never satisfies hunger.
Yeast (Candida)
Nystatin, Amphotericin-B, Ketoconazole - other may be prescribed for intense or resistant infections
Medistatin, Megabac
Varied: Excessive thirst, "flat" droppings surrounded by large amounts of urine mixed with urates that dry in a circle around the fecal matter.  Excessive urates (white portion of dropping), green & tacky looking droppings (yeast feeds on sugars, the tacky stuff is from the carbs converted to sugars in the diet), going light, fluffing, "squinty eyes", sitting in food dish appearing to eat constantly but never satisfies hunger.
E-coli, Salmonella (Paratyphoid), Coccidiosis



The Medications We Consider Absolutely Necessary to Keep On Hand