Q: Where can we buy your birds?

A: Our birds are sold at fairs and shows only. We do not allow visitors to the aviary.

Q: Do you have a wait list?

A: No, we do not have a wait list. We never know from one breeding season to the next how many chicks we'll have on the perch, or which species we will breed. We won't count our chicks before they are colored up!

Q: Will you take a deposit to hold birds?

A: No, we will not take deposits, and will not hold birds. Birds are first come, first serve. Should you be interested in our birds, please see our
EVENTS tab at the bottom of this page to see where we will be next. Be sure to arrive early and bring a travel cage. Our birds often sell very quickly once the doors open and our stock of travel cages is usually depleted within minutes.

Q: My bird is sick and I need help. Why won't you help me?

A: It is unethical to attempt to diagnose a bird without taking it in hand for an overall health check and testing fresh dropping samples. We will not and cannot in good conscience give you advice about how to treat a sick bird. The wrong medication can not only make matters worse, but can kill your bird. Please take your bird to an Avian Veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Q: Why are your shipping prices so high?

A: Our shipping prices are dictated by the shipping company. We have no say in how much shipping will cost. However, we do receive a small discount on shipping prices and pass that discount on to you.  Unlike many other online retailers, we never charge more than the ACTUAL shipping cost, nor do we charge a handling fee. Should our shopping cart over-estimate the shipping price, we will refund any overage to your payment option at the time of shipping and write a note on your enclosed invoice to alert you to any amounts we have refunded.

Q: Why do you only sell some products in small sizes?

A: We cater to the small hobby bird keeper and their pet birds. We prefer not to sell items that will expire before you can use them up. The sizes we sell have been tested on our flock. In most cases, our supplement items will serve as many as 150 birds for several months minimum.