Our aviary remodel is now complete.

We look forward to the upcoming breeding season and will post available birds as we have them!

Thank you for your patience!



Thanks to all who've requested our birds.  All available birds have been sold.

Meadowlark Farms takes great pride in the birds we produce. Our lines are carefully cultivated to produce the best birds we possibly can with stock we've produced or acquired. All of our birds are bred and fed for show which means they receive only the absolute best in care and nutrition. 

We produce QUALITY, not QUANTITY.  Because of this, we don't always have birds for sale and we don't always have all species, colors or mutations when we do have birds available for sale.

We are  not fans of mutations in any species, but specifically Gouldians. Unless a breeder knows exactly what they are doing when pairing to produce mutations, they will more than likely produce weak birds that will not live as long as a captive bird should. Because we DO know what we are doing, we are exceptionally careful when we do produce mutations, but as a rule, we do not deliberately produce mutations and rarely have them available for sale.

We've had comments on the site stating folks were disappointed in the color selection of our Gouldians because we didn't have blues or other mutations available for sale. The LAST thing we are concerned about is someone complaining we had fewer colors available. Those folks obviously have no clue what they are complaining about. Mutations are inherently weak. If WE don't have them for sale, it's because we won't sell you a weak bird and aren't happy with the produced outcome of our mutation lines. We won't deliberately sell a weak bird. Folks are welcome to complain about our selection. It actually makes us happy when we hear those kinds of complaints. We can only hope they don't waste their money on birds from less ethical breeders.

We are very particular about what we produce and will not push our hens beyond their limits. In addition, we don't cater to fads or trends, so while we do occasionally produce mutations, we prefer not to and limit the number produced here. That means you will see very few mutations for sale here.

  • There is no onsite pickup for birds or product
  • Bird sales are cash only - no credit cards or checks.
  • Because we are a corporation, the price of our birds includes 6% Michigan Sales Tax and will not be haggled over
  • We do NOT keep a wait list or accept deposits for our birds
  • Our birds are  FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE and available at Fairs & Shows ONLY - We will NOT hold birds
  • We do not ship our birds
  • For personal  & bio-security safety, we no longer allow anyone to our aviary.

NOTE: If you are looking to purchase birds from MLFAS, Inc. or anyone else, be prepared to arrive early and bring a transport cage. Birds sell very quickly - often within minutes of the Fair doors opening.